Living on a goat farm…

RainbowWhen I moved to Boston in 2009, I didn’t think that 6 years later I would be living on a goat farm married to a cheese maker/farm worker.  But indeed that is what has landed in my life.

Who knew crickets could be so loud and cow manure from across the road could be so…. so potent. Small price to pay for a slice of heaven. We get to see the moon rise & set, the sun rise & set, the clouds rolling in.  The lightning over the valley.  The mountain mist-fog that hangs low among the trees. The dancing yellow birds that are most inclined to fly in dip patterns much like a roller coaster.  Sometimes we see our many hummingbirds fight over who gets to drink out of the sugar water dish.  The echo from the woodpeckers from various aged trees. There was once a squirrel that hung upside down in the bird feeder and a thought crossed my mind that perhaps this is why my Grams used to sit outside and “monitor” her feeders.  Damn squirrels and deer.  Their cuteness only goes so far.2015-04-18 19.52.06

The house is old and has quirks.  Step over this spot here (just because it’s strange). The room that gets too hot because of the fire stove oddly placed and NOT in the middle of the house where it would be useful for heating purposes.  The toilets are all colors that should never have been in style (think: puke green, faded yellow).  There are spots that have been fixed with a bit of a country flair, meaning they are perfectly fixed and usable but may not be as aesthetically pleasing. There certainly weren’t agonizing thoughts over how to match the fixed floor with the existing floor.  They just fixed the floor.  Good enough. There are days when these quirks are frustrating and downright maddening.  Most days, it’s just endearing and adds character to our home.  We did have to battle some serious spiders though when we first moved in.  I’m pretty sure there were spider webs from the 80’s. Do you see that chimney in the photo to the left? That definitely does not go to a fireplace. We’ve been slowly working on prettying it up.  Hence the little edging in the front and a few flower pots.  That bed was covered with broken glass, red ants, rocks for miles, and trash.  I’ll go ahead and give us 10 points for dealing with that headache!  Bit by bit, our crazy house is becoming a home.


2 thoughts on “Living on a goat farm…

  1. How did the broken glass get there!? Well written and inspiring as all of our broken and mismatched pieces of ourselfs carry the same theme. This reminds me that sometimes it is totally okay to get frustrated at the imperfections but to in the end reframe and work on it until it is good enough to be working again. ~or whatever

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  2. You are such a great writer. Reading your post I was right there, imagining every little detail you described, seeing it all in my minds eye. You have a talent for grabbing the reader and putting them smack in the middle of it all. I totally escaped my busy city life, if only for a minute…


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