Breaking Out of Body Jail & Prepping for Guests

The last few weeks have brought guests, adventures, and a lack of routine.  In the past, that has meant weeks and months of count down prepping and heavy self-inflicted hate.  My weight loss “goals” have often been centered around visitors, major events where I want to “dress to impress”, or some other ridiculous deadline. The goals have never been realistic or for myself, and they’ve always focused on the weight instead of how I want to live my life, be as a person, and feel.  Fuck the weight.  I’ve been on a huge journey this year and it has paid off.

This time around I practiced love.  Guided by the principles I have learned through Live More Weigh Less and Desire Map, I did things differently. Instead of focusing on how much weight I can lose before my guests arrive, I focused on how I want my home to feel. How I want to feel before they arrive, during their visit, and afterwards. I settled on feeling confident in my home, feeling organized and prepared during their visit, and feeling centered & calm.


This has meant weeks of DIY projects, meal planning, activity planning, and spiritual reading material that centers me and makes me feel like I CAN handle things. It hasn’t been easy though, there have been many opportunities to go back into body jail. But I’m not letting that happen and continue to be guided by what my body is demanding of me.  She knows best.

Gift basket with travel brochures, ear plugs, chapstick, water, and pain relievers. And of course a bowl of maple candies. 🙂
Fresh farm flowers! Painted this old rickety table that is 8 years old.

One thought on “Breaking Out of Body Jail & Prepping for Guests

  1. What a cheery looking room! At least you know that even if your guests are negative, you did everything in your power to make a positive and welcoming place for them. I love how you shifted the focus away from the weight – I bet it made the prep work so much more enjoyable!

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