Adoption Black Hole: The Journey Before the Journey

There have been many months of creating draft blog posts related to adoption. I’ve come to the realization that perhaps nothing can quite sum up the frustration in a concise and readable post. But that’s not to say that I won’t try again…

After a long time of deciding that adoption would be the best way to build our family, we felt so secure in starting the journey that we knew would be challenging but well worth it. I don’t think we expected it to be challenging to get TO the journey.

We have tried to begin this process since April.  No one has the same information. No one has the same schedule of classes or lists of requirements.  I’m up to 10 people that I’ve been communicating (long communication, not the hang up and dial someone else type of communication).  However, I do have the pleasure of seeing countless news articles and urgent requests made to the community which have something to do with needing more foster and adoptive parents.  That the system is swamped with too many kids.

This shatters my heart.

The fact that there are kids out there looking for stable homes that shower love on them and hopeful parents literally cannot reach them.  Not without jumping through hoops and rings of fire just to begin the process.  Perhaps it would be great if the system had a way and the capacity to actually follow up and follow through on inquiries. Legitimate inquires from sane adults, with adequate income, stable environments, and a background in childhood trauma (professionally and personally). Of course, I imagine this has to do with how understaffed and underfunded these agencies are currently.

Sigh. It is not so.

We did finally get a meeting with a real human this week. This has boosted my confidence that this journey to build our family will happen in time. Certainly not without an agonizing fight.  But I’ll fight for it. Damn right I will.


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