First Meeting.

Two little faces staring back at me in a photo.  My gut wrenched and I got uncomfortable.  This was different than other kiddos, this was something in my heart.

After reading through their file, meeting with their social worker, and having in-depth conversations with other people leading their team, we got the go-ahead to meet them.

We arrived to the place where we would meet with the foster family and the kids.  We arrived first, patiently waiting for their arrival.  They came in like a whirlwind, not knowing who or why we were there.  To them, we were just random people their foster parents knew. They came inside, wild from being outside, like only little kids can do and I checked them out with this internal question of “Could they be my family? Could we be theirs?” But there was no time for quiet reflection…kids need to stay in constant loud motion.


Immediately after meeting them, we watched a parade. Awkwardly standing with the social worker, the foster family, and the kids, we waved uncomfortably and also out of habit.  If someone in a parade waves, you wave back.

With honking, balloons, and crowd noise that never makes a lot of sense, my wife and I stared at each other. What were we doing?  In a sea of people, in a life that I never imagined to be my own, I found myself coming into that feeling of being on the brink of greatness. That nervous teetering feeling that you are just on the very edge of a massive, life overhauling change.

And so my journey to parenthood begins…



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