Screeching to a Halt

As you know, we have been going through the adoption process for two little boys. It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that the adoption will not be going through as planned. Some unfortunate events occurred that make it impossible to move forward in quite the same way.

As we have gotten to know these beautiful faces over the last 3 months, it is heart breaking to lose two children we were ready to bring into our home and hearts. The details are so horrifically devastating, I ask that you respect our privacy during this time. As you can imagine, retelling the details to so many people would be tragically painful.

This reminds me of a miscarriage in a way, as some people wait to tell others of a pregnancy for fear they may have a miscarriage. After going through this, I would not change a thing about telling you all. This is such a roller coaster, I can’t imagine not sharing the highs and lows of this process with others. For me personally, it would be incredibly awkward if one day I was just miserably sad with no explanation (or the flipside of randomly having kids you didn’t know about). It is important to us that the road to growing our family not be hidden.

This is still how we are choosing to grow our family, and in time it will happen. Perhaps we will be a little more jaded about the process, sure, but we will not lose hope.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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