Valentine’s Day looked different than any other.  With real feel temps hovering around the -35 mark, it was a weekend of staying inside.  A 3 year old boy that is playing peek-a-boo with a cold, is not so much fun.  Cabin fever has never been so real!

We had special heart pancakes that didn’t look much like hearts, sweet treats (sort of), Valentine’s cards and presents for the lil man.  We sat in the rocker and snuggled. Dealt with a number of tantrums and cries for his birth family. The dogs pooped inside because they were screaming in pain outside in the cold. There were a couple of spots on the door that iced up from the inside because it was just too cold for this old farmhouse.

He took a dive head first and bit his lip. He peed his bed during nap because he wasn’t feeling good. He giggled and learned that he likes “Thomas” and “Paw Patrol”– a lot. He helped keep the fire going with the tiny sticks he could carry from the wood pile only a foot away from the wood stove. We made a deal with him that he would pick out one story and and we would pick out the other.  So we only had to hear “Snow White” once.

He said, “I love you” in his little voice for the first time.

Overall a tremendous Valentine’s Day success.



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