Date at Costco

Being a new parent, is well, down right crazy. On President’s day, we decided we would take the opportunity to have a day to get ahead on some shopping and prepping for the lil man.  While the wifey was doing her morning job of making goat cheese, I worked on busy bags and activities that take the adult kind of effort without little hands getting in the mix. As I surveyed my mess on the dining table, it felt like I should be drinking wine but after glancing at the clock and reading 8am, I thought better of it.

After she finished milking goats and making cheese, the wifey headed down to join my “fun”. I promptly put her to work on making slits in the containers I was determined would be for a “button-drop” game. She probably thought that she should have stayed at work longer today, of all days.

To make things wild and crazy, we thought a date was in order since it happens to be one of two days out of the year we will get the opportunity to be by ourselves while lil man is at school. However, we also just became parents so there is more of a panic of getting things prepped and ready to go so we can deal with the madness just a wee-bit.

So to Costco we went. Strolling the aisles, perusing the sample stations that we wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole (I work in public health, what do you expect?), we dreamily commented on how nice it was to spend time together.  Of course 5 rows in, we felt like death, had to pee, and poor timing left us hungry and eyeballing those sample stations.

We ate churros in the freezing car and drove off to organize our chest freezer with a smile on our faces.


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