And we danced!

He had a good day. A day that was not riddled with trauma responses, tears, and sadness. At his request, we held hands and danced. He danced like an old festival-going-soul. Not the typical toddler dance style that looks like a surfer in training where they sway awkwardly trying to find a beat. He lifted his hands and alternated feet in the air. Twirling and swaying his head like an old pro. A natural rhythm that cannot be taught. His dancing comes from the earth. So much love for this little resilient body and soul.

His song of choice for dancing…


5 thoughts on “And we danced!

  1. I have one of the coolest nephews around. Even though we’ve not met I just know he’s gonna do amazing things in his life. Being guided by two amazing souls, how could you not?


  2. Aunt Jess, i love your response. I agree on all fronts.
    My dear, I love the image of you all dancing. It makes my heart swell. Such a wonderful release, such a wonderful way to connect. I can’t wait to hear of more times like this. They are coming!

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