Muddled Weekly: Snails and Ice Cubes

New weekly collection of “lessons learned” bits from our household.

  • Ice cubes calm down the most enraged little man.
  • Painting rocks can be colorful, distracting, and entertaining.
  • Being punched, slapped, and head-butted by a toddler in the bath is not so fun.
  • Who needs a rake? After wifey mowed the lawn, little man “raked” up the grass with his hands into a big pile and jumped in it like leaves.
  • Turning the cream over and smacking the bottom with his little hand — makes the cream come out in a splashy mess. Obviously.
  • Snails love sandboxes.

You may also notice this week that a new look and feel has been added to the blog! It was never intended to be a parenting blog, but here we are. This is what fuels my writing. And so, it will be!


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