Muddled Weekly:  May 23-29

  • He learned what a bathing suit was and thought it was soooo cool you don’t have to wear undies and you can get soaking wet outside!!
  • He had his first sprinkler experience. We showed him how to run through it and he thought that was hilariously fun.
  • He splashed around in the mini pool. He had never been swimming but he was pretty excited to test everything out.
  • He learned to express some anger and it wasn’t directed at me. Win! Sure, it was a blood curdling scream, stomping, and punching. But he was able to calmly say that he still wanted me next to him. I waited it out, I sat in the rocker and I sang “You are my sunshine” no less than 50 times. It worked and I went to bed feeling accomplished and quite hoarse.
  • We discovered that with a new season, comes new trauma triggers. Just when we thought we figured it out, the damn heat and summer season is going to be a whole new game to figure out. Good to know!

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