Muddled Weekly: May 30-June 6

  • Pee. There is so much pee. All the time. Pee.
  • We went on an adventure walk to look for mud kitchen “ingredients”. We thought he got stung or bit by something…turned out it was only blood from his nose after he picked his boogers.
  • He had the worst week ever. He also had the best weekend ever. Two whole days without punching. Woohoo!
  • Here’s a new one: he got scared of the light. No, not the dark. Woke me up at 1:30 in the morning freaking out about the night light. The same night light that has been there the whole time…because he was scared of the dark.
  • We took him out for ice cream. We found out in the middle of the ordeal that it was his first time ever going out to ice cream. He had no idea what was going on, how to eat it, or that ice cream could be soft. I handed over one huge (I even ordered the baby size!) creemee topped with rainbow sprinkles and he squealed with delight.creemee.jpeg

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