downloadWe received an email from our adoption coordinator asking for our paperwork to be presented to the court. You know, the paperwork we painstakingly had to fill out back in November.  

I’ll let that timeframe sink in with an extra line break.

The paperwork went to location A and it apparently should have gone to location B, although the people at location A were the people requesting it in the first place and gave paperwork to us that had location A’s information. Obviously, because we weren’t even involved with location B and people in location B at that time. Because location A people were connecting us with location B. 

We had fingerprints done. Fingerprints that were required before we had him placed with us. But those were not the right fingerprints. My fingerprints have not changed mind you but apparently the form that was sent to us by location A, requested to be forwarded to location B, was denied by location A. 

I can’t.


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