Ice Cream in the Rain

Muddled Weekly: Jun 6 – June 12happy-quotes-1840

  • We had ice cream in the rain because when you go out for ice cream when it’s raining, there’s no line! We also ate it before dinner because we are hell bent on making sure that dessert is not something you “earn” or “save room for”.  He ate his dinner too. Because his dinner was delicious.
  • We learned that your kids on the playground missed you. I don’t know why there wasn’t an adult with these kids, but they were asking for help on the monkey bars and to be pushed on the swings and you weren’t there to help them. Because of the way things are these days, I actually didn’t help them. I did however follow around my son and deal with the fact that your kids are actually quite rude. And loud. Very loud. I can hear you. I’m standing RIGHT next to you.
  • I didn’t post last week’s lessons learned because I couldn’t do much and my heart hurt from Orlando which I wrote about here: Lullaby Prayer for Tomorrow

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