Muddled Weekly: Hummingbirds & Dirt

Week: June 13-19

  • We watched the mama robins sit on their nests and waited patiently for their babies to hatch. Both sets hatched this week and they grew super fast. Who knew the babies grew so fast!?
  • Little man learned how to make hummingbird food and we had our first hummingbird customer to boot.
  • We all learned the tragedy that is called: ice melts. The screaming could probably be heard by the next town over.
  • Little picked out his own plants for his new tire planter. He helped like a pro. And by “like a pro” I mean he insisted on putting the plastic part of the plant into the dirt and then it was thrown in a huff. Thankfully, we got through this momentary crisis quickly and no plants were harmed in the making!
  • His new play space took a lot of hard work from wifey (thanks wifey) but the little loves it and now he has a huge dirt mound for his cars, trucks, and dinosaurs to play some version of something that surely takes dirt.
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