Cucumber Slices

Muddled Weekly: June 20-26

  • He had his first piggy-back ride this week and loved it! We’ve been working on building attachment and trust so we’ve been trying a lot of things related to “safe touch” and eye contact. This also resulted in getting my hair “styled” by little man. I trusted him to brush and clip up my hair in whatever style he wanted. I proudly wore that painful hairdo all through dinner and until bedtime!
  • A deflated ball is the worst thing in the entire world. ABOVE ALL ELSE.
  • I turned around for two minutes and he ate 4 gigantic pancakes AFTER breakfast then lied about it as if I wouldn’t notice they were gone or that his mouth was covered in cinnamon chip mess.
  • He learned how to get pampered at a spa day at home. We did a foot soak, made homemade face masks, used cucumber slices for our eyes, and painted toenails. Little man chose a brown shade and sat perfectly still for his pampering session.20160627_181606
  • We went into town for some ice cream and we saw some boys fighting/wrestling. He was so upset by it and was thrown into being triggered about his history. I immediately dropped to the grass (and prayed no ticks would latch on) and he sat in my lap and we rocked back and forth in the field. We talked about not being responsible for other people’s behavior or actions but that we are in charge of how we respond and react.

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