Onions & Ukuleles

onion slices.JPG

Muddled Weekly:  June 27-July 3

  • He loves to eat slices of raw onions. He also enjoys snap peas harvested from the garden for breakfast.
  • Little thinks staying up until 10pm is the coolest.  Even better if you are screaming and stomping.
  • A story book page was torn into billions of pieces.
  • He has decided to use the monitor to communicate to me the last few mornings at 5am:
    • “Mama, mama, maaaammmmmaaaa!!! I don’t see the book I want.”
    • “Mama, moooooommmmm, mommmmy!!!! I’m bleeding! I picked my nose!!!”
    • “Mama, mama, mamammmmmmammamamaaa!!!!!!!!!!!”  — “Hi.”
  • Little learned that some people have one leg, no legs, one arm, no arms. Then like the serendipity that only the universe can provide, the next day we saw a man with a prosthetic leg. Such a proud mom moment when he wanted to tell me what he was seeing and he said “Some people have one leg and that’s okay!”
  • Coffee conversations this week involved a lecture on not hating black spiders for their color (*AHEM*) that everything dies eventually and that unless he is bleeding it is not the smartest idea to interrupt mommy drinking her coffee.
  • During the biggest trauma tantrum mode when nothing would work — wifey playing the ukulele was the only thing that brought him back to present space.

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