Puzzles & Eggplant

Muddled Weekly: July 4-10

  • I sluggishly poured my coffee and here was little man bright and early to say this 4th of July message, “I’m eating breakfast! You eat breakfast with me, mama eats breakfast with me. We all eat breakfast. MERICA!!!!”javelina20copy
  • We video chatted with some fabulous great grandparents, which meant little man learned about things like javelinas and lizards. Always a lesson 🙂
  • First week with using his new name was a hit. We never thought we would be going down that road, but for our situation, it works.
  • Nothing better than sharing the summer joys of being barefoot in the kitchen, huddled around a hot pan waiting for eggplant slices to be cooked.
  • We baked up a storm this weekend. He had his first taste of peanut butter cookies and they were quite the hit!
  • He used a tablet for the first time. He’s obsessed with puzzles so I thought he might like to try tablet puzzles. It took him all of 30 seconds to figure out how to use the tablet.

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