Changing His Name

chalkboardnameWe never thought we would even consider changing his first name, but for safety’s sake, we have been tossing the idea around more and more.

Two weekends ago,  he was in a particularly lovely mad space. He screamed, he stomped, his nose dripped boogers, his eyes had heavy tears of despair. None of our regular tricks would work. Wifey grabbed her ukulele and plopped on the couch not knowing what the response would be. She tuned it and his screams started to slow. She started to play some calming chords and he climbed up onto the couch sitting on my lap. Within the next few moments he snuggled up on me, mesmerized by this small instrument that he had no idea one of his mamas could play. His sniffling slowed, he started rocking in my arms, and snuggled up closer. As my breath would rise and fall in rhythm with the music, we all came back to the day.

I went for it.

Not wanting him to think of it in the context of a name, I asked him whether he liked the WORD ‘A’ or ‘B’ better. Quickly, he responded immediately, ‘A’. I held my breath as I asked him whether he would like that word to be his name.

Without skipping a beat he said, “Yes. I am ‘A'”.

His mood was better the rest of the day and he has since been responding to his name without even a pause.  It makes my heart happy to see him so at ease about it. I know we did the right thing.


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