Peas & Pee

20160716_083935Muddled Weekly: July 11-17

  • We picked mounds of black raspberries from our garden. A child sharing berries with smudged berry juice on his hands and his lips tinted is pure joy.
  • The last couple of weeks have been especially hard from news, politics, and personal events. I found the pull to keep him closer than usual and his little hugs have a calming effect that I cannot adequately describe into words.
  • We have so many snap peas from our garden that I am really sick of them. But not little! He loves eating them at breakfast, at snack, in the garden. Anytime seems to be a good time for snap peas!
  • His DCF social worker came to do her monthly visit. She stayed a horrifically long time (understandably though considering she has a 4 hour drive) resulting in behavior that he never exhibits any other day. He pulled at grass, he slapped her and ran away laughing, he threw the ball into the wood shed, he tossed items from his mud kitchen all over the place, repeated ‘hotdog’ over and over, and in general refused to talk with her. Safe to say, she is quite the trigger for little man.
  • He learned how to stack wood! Which is coming in mighty handy!
  • He peed on the floor…on purpose. ON PURPOSE I TELL YOU. ON. PURPOSE.
  • I had to floss his teeth for the first time since we had a berry seed emergency.  Double win since I saved the day and he didn’t bite me.

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