Mini Table Weapon

Muddled Weekly: July 18 – 24

  • I stepped on a beastly, plastic mini table (table turned upside down so that I had the pleasure of stepping on the dull, horrific, mini table legs). Did I bleed? Yes. Yes, I did.
  • I finally woke up the little man first. Ha! Haha! Take that! One glorious day where I didn’t wake up to a high-pitched rendition of the ABC’s or Paw Patrol’s theme song.
  • We had a week of some mighty storms that brought thunder, lightning, wind, and the subsequent power outages. Man-oh-man did we learn that prep for power outages with a  3 year old also means prepping coffee and entertainment.
  • He showed fear about the storms. Pure absolute fear, which we haven’t seen before. I was so proud of him for showing this kind of emotion and sharing that moment with us. He also wanted to be comforted and was seeking that. This is all huge progress!

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