Berries, Birds, Boogers

Muddled Weekly of August 1st-7th:

  • Baby birds hatched and we got to watch them grow for a short time until the nest fell out of the tree from a bad storm. The babies died and that was mighty sad.
  • Blueberries! We have blueberry bushes but not the amount of blueberries I was looking to scoop up for winter prep. So off we went to pick berries at a local blueberry farm. Lovely berries, great price, quality product. The speakers to scare off the birds however? The most startling, loudest, war-zone type of noises ever. My heart was racing and it wasn’t exactly the laid back PYO berry experience we had in mind. Little is not such a fan of picking berries now… le sigh.
  • My favorite tantrum was when he took parts of his door off and everything thrown out of his room. EVERY.SINGLE.THING.
  • He wiped boogers on the wall. Many, many, disgusting boogers.
  • Little got so big that he stopped using the booster seat at the dining table.
  • We put together an art easel. By “we” I mean that I opened the stupid box without wifey around thinking it was all together. Since he already saw it, I obviously had to proceed putting together a product with a 3 year old’s “help”, which is no easy task. It took 2 hours. TWO HOURS.
  • We learned about coconuts and smashed them open.
  • Little visited the library for the first time and LOVED it. His thirst for reading makes me happy!
  • We had a whole day about “If you give a mouse a cookie.” It was delicious, messy, and fun.

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