Signed Papers & Hornworms

Muddled Weekly: August 8th – 14th

  • Signed on the dotted line. Yes, THAT dotted line. We hit the glorious 6-month mark with little man in our care which is required by law before submitting paperwork to the court. Now we wait for the court to decide on a date. Let the anxiety commence!
  • Little will be learning very quickly what not to say to women.  Some favorites this week, “Mommy, why is dinner so late?”, “Mama, you need to do the dishes, it’s messy!”, “You have a big bum!”, “Give me gummy vitamin now!” Bonus of having two moms is getting that nonsense checked REAL quick.
  • We made some ice cream in a bag. It took a LONG 10 minutes (which was an eternity in toddler-time) to shake that mess into ice cream but the result was pretty delicious.
  • We haven’t been getting hit nearly as much but this weekend he totally took a cheap shot at me while I wasn’t looking. Not cool little man, not cool at all.
  • The bath fiasco may have a solution? Every bath seems to be a triggering time for little man. He gets in the checked-out space and immediately throws things, smacks me, flips out like you’ve never seen before. So…I tried using the extended shower head kind of like a garden hose spray down/shower while he just stands up. Tried this twice so far and no explosions and he even giggles about it. Anything that doesn’t land me in a space of a dripping, soapy, violent toddler is a win!
  • We discovered some nasty tomato hornworms eating all our tomatoes. Beastly ones. And rude. If I don’t get my favorite Brandywine tomato this year, I will be the one throwing a tantrum.




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