Tacos, Soap, Goats

Muddled Weekly: August 15th – 21st

  • Hand soap covered the rug and the bathroom floor. As I stood in a puddle of disbelief at 5am, little man slowly opened the toilet seat lid saying, “Mommy! Look!”.  Pride beaming he showcased his project of slathering the entire toilet in what looked like a half-bottle of lotion. All before 5am.
  • First tacos! What a glorious mess.
  • Little helped milk the goats! While the oldest daughter of the farm owners was being dropped off at college (tear) wifey and little held down the farm duties. He was great handling the grain while the goats nibbled on his hands a bit.
  • I tried to explain what a cobbler was using a pie metaphor. Turns out he hasn’t had pie before. So there’s that.
  • I’ve been hearing about age 4 being called “F You Fours” and as we are getting closer to his 4th birthday, I can feeeeeel it. This weekend felt like a whole lot of rude “eff offs” from him. But no hitting. So if this rude, jerk phase comes without some of the intense hitting… I think I’m game.
  • He peed on his bed. On purpose!

3 thoughts on “Tacos, Soap, Goats

  1. In a few years you’ll have enough material for a best-seller book! It will all seem hilarious with hindsight. Seriously, though, you are making a lot of progress and I’m sure you are continuing to be patient and loving.


  2. It’s lovely to share in the ups and downs of your parenting journey with the added interest that adoption brings. I had a job “minding” a child from a difficult background in the local school for a while. It’s wonderful to see that this little fellow has found loving and understanding parents.


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