“Not nice to park on grass!”

Muddled Weekly: August 22nd – 29th

purple peppers.jpg

  • First Farmer’s Market: we ate Afghan samosas, picked out veggies he wanted to buy (peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and corn), and he yelled at flatlanders for parking on the grass and not being nice to nature. He didn’t try to go home with anyone and he did not run away so basically the market trip is a huge win.
  • Went to a different library where he got his very own library card. Side note: a woman was breastfeeding openly in the middle of the child book zone and I prayed little wouldn’t rush towards her and grab her boob. He didn’t. WIN.
  • Stacked wood…then watched a lot of it fall down. *sigh*
  • Picked zucchini and mounds of squash (enough to feed a small village).
  • He tried to climb out of his window. Fixed that…BUT OH MY GAWD
  • He only called one man at the park “Dad” but he did not try to hug him or go home with him!

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