Court Date Coming Up!

Muddled Weekly: August 29th – September 4th

  • We got a court date. September 21st and the adoption is finalized!
  • Trauma Trigger Discovery: thin noodle spaghetti noodles.
  • Just like when summer rolled around we are seeing a change of trauma triggers with the season. At times this week he has been almost unrecognizable in behavior and attitude. I’m hoping I start to catch on to this round fast because it has been unbelievably hard to manage.
  • He left a turd on the bathroom floor. Yes, 0n purpose. He peed on purpose twice this week too.
  • He has started to use a stuffed animal almost like a babydoll and this is the first time we’ve seen this type of imaginative play at home. He talks for “Mr. Chipmunk” and gives him a squeaky voice (fitting). He was cautious and kept checking to see if that was okay.  So now I say goodnight to Mr. Chipmunk and that’s okay with me.Chipmunk
  • One day he was rocking with me and he looked longingly out the window and out of the blue said, “I don’t like my birth mom.” Clearly there is a lot of processing going on inside his little soul and all I can do is support him, show up, and be the best mom that I can be in that moment.

2 thoughts on “Court Date Coming Up!

  1. At three little one uses language that is foreign to me. Like “birth mom!” But he has lived with it all his three plus years of life. Amazing all the love many of us have experienced from our relationship with our mothers, but how much pain others have experienced just in the opposite relationship with their moms. Good thing there are folks like you who want to adopt some of these little children, in order to give them, too, the experience of life changing loving relationships.


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