Rage Phase

Muddled Weekly: September 5th-11th

  • I shut the car door (he wanted to do it). *Rage*
  • I suggested he change into some different clothes when he was soaking wet and covered in dirt (he obviously did not want to). *Rage*
  • Other Mama suggested that 4:30am was far too early to get up (he disagreed and threw his bed, animals, clothes, side table). *Rage*
  • The great shoe debate: boots versus dress sandals. While I’m not one to argue with a toddler as there is not even a reason to “win” in that department, there is certainly a time when there is a safety concern. Let the screaming commence…  *Rage*
  • The rage storm passed and we were able to proceed with our week and weekend in a more normal, less rage-like state of mind.
  • We successfully attended church. He was very exited about snack afterwards and really did pretty well all things considered. He got a little over excited around one of the kids (like on your face excitement), but other than that not much. I can’t believe we made it through the front doors and the whole service without being a)kicked out or b) destroying something. Can I get an AMEN!?!?!

2 thoughts on “Rage Phase

  1. All stages will pass. You will look back someday with smiles on your faces and continue to love in your hearts. Hang in there and only fight the battles you can win!!

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