Adoption Finalized.

I suppose at some point I should document the fact that we actually completed the adoption. I had these grand plans of blogging about it that day, September 21st, but I couldn’t. Not because life has gotten too busy (even though it has) but because I just could not articulate that day as well as I wanted. I don’t know if I can even now.

It happened.

The actual act of the adoption in the court was horrific. Nothing short of traumatic and obnoxious. It was not trauma-informed. It was loud. It was unplanned and all over the place. It was a summarization of this entire process, start to finish. Even down to the paperwork being entirely wrong. As in listing different parent names. The day was good before the court time and afterwards. That is what I will hold near to my heart. Forever Family Day still is meaningful because of what it means for the rest of our lives. But the process left quite a lot to be desired.


2 thoughts on “Adoption Finalized.

  1. So glad you are now his forever parents. I’m sorry to hear that the process was so unpleasant, though. It was a very special day nonetheless.


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