Election Reflection.

Dear Little Man,

As you giggle and play right now, my heart is heavy. This week, our country elected the most outwardly bigoted human to be the president-elect. It has been a disappointment to say the least and this week has been filled with uncontrollable tears, anger, and outbursts of deflection (I had a panic attack over paint colors for crying out loud).

He has exhibited vulgarities over how to treat women, the way you touch a woman, and even about how and when women should work. You see, this man has acted in appalling ways towards women, but also people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, immigrants/refugees, people with disabilities, poor people, non-Christians, and I’m sure some group of people I haven’t remembered the headline from.

I worry what decisions will be made by this man and the people this man appoints, that will have an impact on your early childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. I hope that we will remain safe. I cannot guarantee this to you. But you are young– too young. So I will do my very best to shield you from any pain and keep you as safe as I can.


Love, Mommy


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