One week left.

In one week Bug will leave us to go onto his next journey. We will love and snuggle as much as we can possible squeeze into these last precious days.

While we will do our best to celebrate all that we have experienced and learned from our time with him, we will also be hurting. Please hold space in your hearts for us in the next couple weeks if you can spare some.


2 thoughts on “One week left.

  1. This brings tears to my eyes with the thought of Bug leaving what seems to be such a loving and thriving environment with you and your family. I can imagine the horrific pain you will be experiencing when he leaves the umbrella of your home. Know that you have given him the strong start in life he needs to survive what might be a challenging road ahead. We can only hope that he has a guardian angel that will continue to guide him in his days. My prayers are with you and your family as you move through the coming days and adjust to your new normal without Bug. You did right by him. Keep your head up and take care of yourself now.


  2. Thinking of you both. I can imagine it will be hard for you. You’ve given little “Bug” so much love he’ll be taking a part of you away. That part of you will stay deep within him and could help him be more resilient in his life ahead. You’ve given him a wonderful gift. I hope that will be some consolation to you. Sending virtual hugs. ((( )))


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