Mini Table Weapon

Muddled Weekly: July 18 – 24

  • I stepped on a beastly, plastic mini table (table turned upside down so that I had the pleasure of stepping on the dull, horrific, mini table legs). Did I bleed? Yes. Yes, I did.
  • I finally woke up the little man first. Ha! Haha! Take that! One glorious day where I didn’t wake up to a high-pitched rendition of the ABC’s or Paw Patrol’s theme song.
  • We had a week of some mighty storms that brought thunder, lightning, wind, and the subsequent power outages. Man-oh-man did we learn that prep for power outages with a  3 year old also means prepping coffee and entertainment.
  • He showed fear about the storms. Pure absolute fear, which we haven’t seen before. I was so proud of him for showing this kind of emotion and sharing that moment with us. He also wanted to be comforted and was seeking that. This is all huge progress!

Peas & Pee

20160716_083935Muddled Weekly: July 11-17

  • We picked mounds of black raspberries from our garden. A child sharing berries with smudged berry juice on his hands and his lips tinted is pure joy.
  • The last couple of weeks have been especially hard from news, politics, and personal events. I found the pull to keep him closer than usual and his little hugs have a calming effect that I cannot adequately describe into words.
  • We have so many snap peas from our garden that I am really sick of them. But not little! He loves eating them at breakfast, at snack, in the garden. Anytime seems to be a good time for snap peas!
  • His DCF social worker came to do her monthly visit. She stayed a horrifically long time (understandably though considering she has a 4 hour drive) resulting in behavior that he never exhibits any other day. He pulled at grass, he slapped her and ran away laughing, he threw the ball into the wood shed, he tossed items from his mud kitchen all over the place, repeated ‘hotdog’ over and over, and in general refused to talk with her. Safe to say, she is quite the trigger for little man.
  • He learned how to stack wood! Which is coming in mighty handy!
  • He peed on the floor…on purpose. ON PURPOSE I TELL YOU. ON. PURPOSE.
  • I had to floss his teeth for the first time since we had a berry seed emergency.  Double win since I saved the day and he didn’t bite me.

Puzzles & Eggplant

Muddled Weekly: July 4-10

  • I sluggishly poured my coffee and here was little man bright and early to say this 4th of July message, “I’m eating breakfast! You eat breakfast with me, mama eats breakfast with me. We all eat breakfast. MERICA!!!!”javelina20copy
  • We video chatted with some fabulous great grandparents, which meant little man learned about things like javelinas and lizards. Always a lesson 🙂
  • First week with using his new name was a hit. We never thought we would be going down that road, but for our situation, it works.
  • Nothing better than sharing the summer joys of being barefoot in the kitchen, huddled around a hot pan waiting for eggplant slices to be cooked.
  • We baked up a storm this weekend. He had his first taste of peanut butter cookies and they were quite the hit!
  • He used a tablet for the first time. He’s obsessed with puzzles so I thought he might like to try tablet puzzles. It took him all of 30 seconds to figure out how to use the tablet.

Onions & Ukuleles

onion slices.JPG

Muddled Weekly:  June 27-July 3

  • He loves to eat slices of raw onions. He also enjoys snap peas harvested from the garden for breakfast.
  • Little thinks staying up until 10pm is the coolest.  Even better if you are screaming and stomping.
  • A story book page was torn into billions of pieces.
  • He has decided to use the monitor to communicate to me the last few mornings at 5am:
    • “Mama, mama, maaaammmmmaaaa!!! I don’t see the book I want.”
    • “Mama, moooooommmmm, mommmmy!!!! I’m bleeding! I picked my nose!!!”
    • “Mama, mama, mamammmmmmammamamaaa!!!!!!!!!!!”  — “Hi.”
  • Little learned that some people have one leg, no legs, one arm, no arms. Then like the serendipity that only the universe can provide, the next day we saw a man with a prosthetic leg. Such a proud mom moment when he wanted to tell me what he was seeing and he said “Some people have one leg and that’s okay!”
  • Coffee conversations this week involved a lecture on not hating black spiders for their color (*AHEM*) that everything dies eventually and that unless he is bleeding it is not the smartest idea to interrupt mommy drinking her coffee.
  • During the biggest trauma tantrum mode when nothing would work — wifey playing the ukulele was the only thing that brought him back to present space.

Cucumber Slices

Muddled Weekly: June 20-26

  • He had his first piggy-back ride this week and loved it! We’ve been working on building attachment and trust so we’ve been trying a lot of things related to “safe touch” and eye contact. This also resulted in getting my hair “styled” by little man. I trusted him to brush and clip up my hair in whatever style he wanted. I proudly wore that painful hairdo all through dinner and until bedtime!
  • A deflated ball is the worst thing in the entire world. ABOVE ALL ELSE.
  • I turned around for two minutes and he ate 4 gigantic pancakes AFTER breakfast then lied about it as if I wouldn’t notice they were gone or that his mouth was covered in cinnamon chip mess.
  • He learned how to get pampered at a spa day at home. We did a foot soak, made homemade face masks, used cucumber slices for our eyes, and painted toenails. Little man chose a brown shade and sat perfectly still for his pampering session.20160627_181606
  • We went into town for some ice cream and we saw some boys fighting/wrestling. He was so upset by it and was thrown into being triggered about his history. I immediately dropped to the grass (and prayed no ticks would latch on) and he sat in my lap and we rocked back and forth in the field. We talked about not being responsible for other people’s behavior or actions but that we are in charge of how we respond and react.

Muddled Weekly: Hummingbirds & Dirt

Week: June 13-19

  • We watched the mama robins sit on their nests and waited patiently for their babies to hatch. Both sets hatched this week and they grew super fast. Who knew the babies grew so fast!?
  • Little man learned how to make hummingbird food and we had our first hummingbird customer to boot.
  • We all learned the tragedy that is called: ice melts. The screaming could probably be heard by the next town over.
  • Little picked out his own plants for his new tire planter. He helped like a pro. And by “like a pro” I mean he insisted on putting the plastic part of the plant into the dirt and then it was thrown in a huff. Thankfully, we got through this momentary crisis quickly and no plants were harmed in the making!
  • His new play space took a lot of hard work from wifey (thanks wifey) but the little loves it and now he has a huge dirt mound for his cars, trucks, and dinosaurs to play some version of something that surely takes dirt.
  • 20160619_12590720160619_12592320160619_125942

Ice Cream in the Rain

Muddled Weekly: Jun 6 – June 12happy-quotes-1840

  • We had ice cream in the rain because when you go out for ice cream when it’s raining, there’s no line! We also ate it before dinner because we are hell bent on making sure that dessert is not something you “earn” or “save room for”.  He ate his dinner too. Because his dinner was delicious.
  • We learned that your kids on the playground missed you. I don’t know why there wasn’t an adult with these kids, but they were asking for help on the monkey bars and to be pushed on the swings and you weren’t there to help them. Because of the way things are these days, I actually didn’t help them. I did however follow around my son and deal with the fact that your kids are actually quite rude. And loud. Very loud. I can hear you. I’m standing RIGHT next to you.
  • I didn’t post last week’s lessons learned because I couldn’t do much and my heart hurt from Orlando which I wrote about here: Lullaby Prayer for Tomorrow